New Kid at School

31 Mar

Today, just like every other day since I’ve moved here, I feel like the new kid at school.  No one to laugh at your occasional joke and no one to share a table with while eating lunch.  For some reason, every day I have been finding an excuse to not venture out of this apartment until I absolutely have to or am borderline-suicidal from seclusion.  I have obviously brought this on myself.  Sure I convince myself and the hardworking people that live in this apartment that I NEED to stay home, I must job search!  But who am I kidding?  I have applied to every open marketing position in Denver/Boulder, will have completed 3 interviews by the end of this week and feel pretty accomplished with myself.  Job searching has come to a halt.

Therefore, today, I am heading into town and seeing/discovering something new.  I no longer want to feel like the new kid wandering in the hallways when I walk downtown.  I want to feel like I belong, regardless if my license plates say Ohio or not, I will be one with Denver!  Who knows, maybe I will meet someone new (I highly doubt I will make a new friend on the street but writing it out makes me feel better).  Either way, I will have left this apartment for the day and have enjoyed the Colorado sunshine… the beige colored walls are starting to get to me.



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