The Journey to Joining a People, and Rejoining the Blogging Community

13 Nov

To say this post is long overdue is an understatement. I won’t lie, I lost an interest in blogging, just after posting two blogs -____-  Maybe my Denver adventure wasn’t measuring up to all my expectations, or maybe I was just too busy becoming a true Colorado-an. Whatever the reason, I now have a real, life changing experience to write about. 

I am converting to become a Jew.

Now, the reason as to why I’m converting is not simple and a story of its own. Somewhere between being exposed to Jewish traditions in my boyfriends and friends families, discovering Jewish roots in my own family and coming to terms that I will raise a family (some day!), I realized that I want my future to hold a path. A spiritual path, a path that has a history that goes back thousands of years. A path that has family traditions that will continue on for generations. A path that will bind me with a people. So, I started researching Judaism. 

My journey so far has been eye-opening and beyond anything I could have asked for. I have learned not just the history of the Jews, but the history of the world. I have discussed G-d and what awaits us in the afterlife. I have made homemade matzo ball soup, set a seder table and prayed in shul. I am no where near ready to convert, but I feel like a little piece of me moves in that direction every single day. Sometimes its draining and exhausting to think about the ways I have to change my life around to become a Jew. Its even more difficult trying to explain to a close friend or relative why I am going through with this. I was never a spiritual person growing up, my family went to church once a year! Sure, I have a Jewish boyfriend and we hopefully have a bright future, but if for some reason things did not work out, I would still pursue this journey. Simply put, that information is hard for many people to grasp..

I don’t always believe in the whole “everything happens for a reason” spiel, but I do believe that certain events, close friends and a tiny bit of Jewish blood running through my veins has brought me here today.


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