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80 Degrees and Snowy

4 Apr

So the end of last week and this weekend turned out to be eventful to say the least.  As mentioned in my previous post, I was preparing myself for an adventure in the city.  With my tall, blonde roommate at my side, I felt ready to explore and headed downtown.  To my surprise, not everyone in Denver is a happy-go-lucky-nature-loving hippie.  There are plenty of characters wandering the streets of downtown Denver and there is no shortage of bums (I’m referring to the homeless type, not the type who work in the mountains and run your lifts).  Regardless, we were on our way to wander around and hopefully catch a glimpse of the giant blue bear.

Let me add a side note: my desire to go downtown and explore has really been fueled by a massive blue bear.  The whole past week I have been expressing my excitement about seeing this artistic creation by the convention center.  Finally, my dreams were realized!  It may not seem like the most exquisite work of art that most have seen, but something about this enormous carnivore made me happy.



Onto Saturday… did I mentioned it was 80 and sunny?  Having lived in Ohio for the past 15+ years of my life, this sort of weather in March is unthinkable.  So what does one do on a perfect Saturday afternoon in the sun?  Drink and golf.

After embarrassing and impressing ourselves all in one session at the driving range, we decided to go to Black Hawk.  Let me tell you about Black Hawk…

Take an old mining town with a diminishing population, add some casinos, ban the use of bicycles and TA-DA!  Black Hawk.  Colorado’s least populous city with a biking ban.  Seeing as to how I am still unemployed and don’t like to see my hard-earned cash go in the hands of those who don’t deserve it, I didn’t gamble much.  My boyfriend and roommate, however, came out on top.  Wide-eyed and hands shaking, they were left wanting more but we managed to step away and get us on the road to Breckenridge.

Sunday I made the decision to not buy a lift ticket and check out the Breckenridge town.  This turned out to be a win and fail at the same time.  Win = strong winds and wet snow made for a bad day on the mountain and a worthless day of riding.  Lose= strong winds and wet snow ruined any dreams I had of shopping and hanging out in the town.  So after a sub-par day on the mountain, we headed back East.  To our dismay, 70-E was closed about 20 minutes into our drive due to weather (or lack of law enforcement doing their job) so we decided to make a pit-stop in Silvethorne/Dillon to shop around.  Who would’ve thunk that two guys could so easily out-shop me?  FINALLY, after waiting in traffic, exchanging Wendy’s french fries with nearby cars and a few naps, 70-E opened up and we headed home.

Eventful weekend for me, even if I didn’t win any money.